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In drawing, I love the adventure of putting ink directly to paper, without a pencil sketch first, and having to work with whatever line comes out on the page. It feels like a bold way of moving forward, in art and in life.


With painting, I love how there are even lines with lines, subtle ridge lines within brush strokes. How one paints an area, is all about line.


Photography - I capture lines illuminated by light. Using camera technique to manipulate how light is let in, and thus the resulting picture, I can highlight line in specific ways, to share how I see the world.


GPS Art - A method of drawing lines on a map by using a GPS device to record my movement. I ride my bicycle while using an app called Strava to draw lines on a city-sized canvas. There is a lot of preparation before getting on my bike and pressing record - hours of looking at the lines of maps, and figuring out the drawing and how to ride it. It’s often a huge physical effort to complete a GPS drawing, involving overcoming many unforeseen obstacles while making the lines. Just like life.


I hope you enjoy these explorations as much as I do.

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