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Artist Statement

I make drawings, paintings, photographs, and GPS art. For me, each of these mediums at their most basic, are lines. I care about lines - their quality, their weight, their angle, how they interact with each other, how clean lines can convey so much, and how the smallest change in a line can shift the whole feeling of an image. Life is made of infinite lines, so my art is an homage to the details of life. I find, create, capture, or amplify lines for their beauty, their whimsy, their sadness, their questions, and as a celebration and exploration of life. The simplicity of the lines in my work, their combination, and the details they build, are strengthened by a practice of pausing and looking deeper. I believe how we interpret life in the big picture comes down to how we take in the details.


I’m happy that the long line of your life has crossed with the long line of mine, here, right now.

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